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Put a pre-loaded, business building machine right in your smartphone, with the tell2 App. It’s specifically designed for people who are working hard to build something of their own and loaded with everything you need to make sharing and follow up easier than ever! tell2 belongs to a new category of MarTech called “Authentic Sharing Technology”, that offers a more genuine way to build real relationships and get quality referrals; with less work from you.


If you’re building your business and recruiting a team, you can leverage the tools available in the tell2 App to empower your team and grow faster than ever, with less work from you! Fill the App with your own proven content, sales materials, coaching videos, webinars, etc. then share it all via a personal Group Code that gives your team access, right from their Individual user App. You can also access stats to improve overall performance and incentivize your team with built in gamification features.


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20+ third-party, side hustle Resources, preloaded

Preloaded side hustle Survey

Side hustle email Campaign

Ability to load your own trackable Resource links

Contact Journey & Labeling

Access to Coaching videos

Contact management & Activity log

Statistics & Hot Prospects

Access to back office stats

Join Recognition/Leaderboards in App and win prizes

Communicate with other tell2 users in App, via Teammates



cancel anytime

ALL Individual Plan benefits, plus:

Upload your own trackable Resources; videos, pdf’s, audio, etc.

A personal Group Code: share your own resources and training materials via tell2 to empower your team

High-level overview of your teams Activity metrics & Resource performance

Personalized “welcome” video to share with new team members

Coaching videos from you as the Leader

Create your own Events for your team to promote

Create your own team Contests and Rewards

Grow your business faster than ever!

This technology is changing people’s level of success. Explode your business easier than any method you’ve used before!

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